Of “Lost”, Haircuts, Apartments & Graduation

For all my Lost fan friends, this may be the funniest thing I heard all week:

JNorton15: So you want to see possibly the best Lost message board quote ever?

JNorton15: “When Rose said to Bernard “If you are going to be hiding in the bushes, lets get you into something dark” .. was she refering to herself ???”

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave a sad post like I did yesterday as the last one I did, especially since May 17 is over & I feel much better now AND there’s all sorts of awesome things going on right now.

1. I cut my hair, about 7 inches. I don’t think I look like me at all, but sometimes you just need a change, so I’m glad I did it 🙂

2. Amanda Giordano & I are moving into an apartment in Astoria, Queens on June 1. Visitors welcome. Yay, NYC livin’. It’s sort of scary to officially be an “adult” now, but we all know that I’m definitely not going to start acting like one any time soon. Hooray for being broke, but it’ll be worth it…

3. I helped Paul from Barenaked Hurley (the Lost parody band) write his last 2 songs & it was really fun. I stayed up literally all night on Tues so help him finish it, but it was such a blast to be a part of something that awesome. If you’re a Lost fan, go to iTunes & download the Barenaked Hurley podcast feed, because all of his songs are hysterical.

Finally, to all my Marist friends who are graduating – GOOD LUCK! I’m so proud of you guys & I miss you all a lot. I’ll (hopefully) see most of you tomorrow, whenever I get up there (I’m going to Rachel & Will’s grad party). <3

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