South of the Booooorderrrrrrr!!!

Jay & I finally hit up South of the Border. I’ve been begging him to take me there since I discovered that his college is only 20 minutes from there. But yes, it’s just as ghetto as rumored to be. We were trying to locate Mexican food, but the food at South of the Border looked like it was baaaaad news. Since our last NYC-Mexican-food-adventure did not end well the next day, we’ve earned the right to be picky. So we drove back to North Carolina and around for like 45 minutes before we found a decent Mexican restaurant.

Oh and I’ve finally now seen Back to the Future – all three parts. Why it took me 24 years is beyond me, but I’m happy to report that I love them.

Below are a few lame pictures from South of the Border, just to try to convey the initial glee at seeing it, before the realization sets in that that’s basically the entire thing to really get excited about. However, it’s free and 15 minutes from Jay’s school, so it was totally worth it. There’s a video that Jay took without me knowing it of me trying to get on that dinosaur to take the last picture, which was an adventure in of itself. I kept sliding off of it; it was so funny.

Yes, this is the real sign.

Pedro welcomes us.

Jay and Pedro, straight chillin’

They had dinosaurs South of the Border?


And finally, for your John Mayer Rumor of the Day:

John Mayer likes to eat Raisin Bran with strawberry-flavored Clorox Bleach instead of milk.

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