Delta Does It Again

As if the obvious wasn’t enough, here’s another reason why Delta is a mess of an airline. Last night, I received my weekly email with Delta’s fares. Although I’ve publicly sworn off flying Delta many, many times, the promise of a $69 ticket each way was almost too much temptation to resist. (Back story: This afternoon, I was looking into possibly flying to Raleigh this weekend – I know it’s not really practical at all, but let’s face it; being back on LI makes me restless to go do things far away from LI.)

So anyway, here’s a screen cap of the email, which was sent at 9:26pm on Monday, August 18:

Please note that it says, clear as day, that flights from JFK to RDU for travel this coming Saturday to next Monday or Tuesday are $69 each way.

So, I figure, “Hey, why not just check it out? Don’t have to buy a ticket, just look…” Here is what happens when you follow the rules – magically, the trip is $339. I may consider myself more of a writer than an accountant, but this makes no sense. I try one more time, thinking perhaps I screwed up the dates or something. Still:

Upon further investigation on the website, I learn the following:
So…it’s $129 each way to/from RDU from either JFK or LGA? That’s significantly different from $69 each way. And if the site just wasn’t updated as of me writing this (it’s almost 1am early Tuesday morning/late Monday night), then why even send out an email if the website isn’t updated?

Nice job, Delta. Nice job.

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