You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Another Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Jay came up to NY again, just like last year, but this year, we stayed at my aunt’s house on Long Island. It actually totally rocked because she’s in Key West (hello and goodbye, Gustav) til next Monday, so we got to play house for a few days. In no particular order, we watched the second season of The X-Files because we’re cool like that, played with the dog (I’m technically dog sitting), played in the pool, went Down Port with Ian, Matero, & Bobby, braved a trip to the Outback (which we swore off back in January after we went 3 times in one week), ate McNulty’s (greatest ice cream ever), partook in a croquet battle with my family for my mom’s birthday (don’t ask), scared ourselves into being awake all night because we thought we heard a noise that ended up being the dog sitting down heavily at 4am, and ate an entire pizza/order of garlic knots from Alfredo’s in one sitting (ugh). Dropped him off at the airport at 6am this morning, boooo. Now I don’t know what to do with myself alone here for the next week, but at least I’ll be in Raleigh in 12 days. Countdown commences.

Anyway, for some work anecdotes:

  • A man told me last week that I look like the type of person who is “used to getting her way by charming people or by not charming people” and that he bet that I was the “youngest in my family and the only girl.” Umm, that could not be further from the truth on either account. 1) I cannot look like someone used to getting my way because a) there is a reason that I am not in sales, but rather a writer and that is because I am horrible at expressing what I want while I am speaking outloud and b) That’s why I get so high strung sometimes; because I don’t know how to charm my way into getting what I want, so I just freak out about stuff not working out before I even give it a chance! So WHATeva playa. 2) I am NOT the youngest in my family, nor the only girl. In fact, I am the OLDEST of THREE girls and a neutered dog. Pffft. Smart ass.
  • A woman who brings her mother in twice a week was talking to me about Broadway. This woman begins to tell me about the Broadway revival of “South Pacific” and then goes on to mock whisper, “It must have been GAY night!!!” Without even really giving it much thought, I kinda said to myself, “Well, duh, you went to see a Broadway musical.” Then she continue, however, to declare, “SERIOUSLY, I do not care WHAT you do in your own private home but I do NOT wish to see you hold hands or do other sexual things in public!!” That was at the point where I gave up.

Okay, many more to follow, I am sure. The end for now!

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