The Universe’s Easy Target

So upon waking up to learn that this is the 4th straight week that we have a problem with MetroBuzz that may require re-recording (at least it wasn’t my computer this time lol), I check the weather forecast for the weekend. I’m flying out of Islip on Long Island to Raleigh late late late on Friday night and guess what? Yup, it’s supposed to rain in NY, Philadelphia (where my layover is) and Raleigh, where I’m supposed to arrive at 12:19am. If I were flying from LGA, I’d automatically plan to be delayed or cancelled, but since I’ve yet to fly out of Islip, I’m remaining optimistic…somewhat. I tell Jay about the yet again screwed up podcast and the bad weather and – pairing this up with my still missing ring (“St. Anthony, St. Anthony, stick around…”) and some other news that we got yesterday morning that bummed us out – he goes:

“I think the universe has the most fun fucking with you because you have the best reactions.”

Yeah. That’s probably true. I should work on that.

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