Adios 2008

What’s to say about the end of 2008? It was a year that started out sorta crappy (He Who Shall Not Be Named & [edited so that no one comes after me legally, physically or otherwise] then turned liberating (Dobby Colleen is freeeeee!) then was fun (roadtrips to North Carolina) then depressing (not having a job for more than 2 weeks made me bored out of my mind) then fun (yay finding a job again) then depressing (moving out of Astoria & back to Long Island meh) then super fun (the cruise & the rest of my AWESOME summer, including but not limited to the James Taylor concert, 4th of July, the wedding on July 5th, my parents’ surprise 25th anniversary party, working from home as gas prices were out of control, Comic Con, randomly flying to Raleigh just to see “The Dark Knight” in IMAX, etc.) then stabled out (starting a new job in August & settling into the day-to-day life with trips to Raleigh every 2-3 weeks).

It certainly was just as action packed and roller-coaster a year as 2006 & 2007 were. Geez, I can’t remember a stable year since before I graduated college. But I’ve had some amazing things happen the past two years, so I can’t complain (much).

So what does 2009 hold for me? Endings and new beginnings. Things that I’ve been doing for years just aren’t fun for me anymore and it’s (heartbreakingly) time to move on. Stuff I thought I wanted to do (career-wise, as one example), I don’t know if it’s for me anymore. Everything new that I’ve got planned (more details to come!) is exciting and friggin’ terrifying at the same time.

Since we’re leaving for our annual New Years’ Eve family dinner in approximately 4 minutes and I have yet to brush my teeth, here’s my summary for what I have learned from 2008:

There will always be tough times & things to worry or freak out about – and with my personality, I’ll probably magnify each time about 29,000 times worse than need be – but there will always be those great times that are staples. Like big family parties and upcoming weddings (I’m going to be a bridesmaid in Sara & TJ’s wedding on September 5!!!) and Comic Con and beach trips and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. And the fact that I finally got Jay to start reading “Harry Potter” last night. And those are nice things to always have, no matter how shitty things may seem. Life is livable.

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