Stressed, Yet New & Notable

Oy, I spent the day at the doggie cardiologist, cleaning, packing, cleaning up dog puke, contemplating my sick mom’s plea that I leave on Sunday instead of Saturday so she can have “parent time” (she’s been sick since literally last Thurs & I haven’t had a real convo with her since then because she comes home from work & sleeps she’s so sick), and waiting around for my beloved Macbook to not be broken.

Yeah, I’m a dumbass and last night, right after I made that post, I had an incident involving the Command, Option, X, & Z keys and apparently, it doesn’t want to ever turn on again 🙁 🙁 :(.  First the sad death of a friend’s father, then the stress of moving, then the dog’s current health situation, then the stress of packing/leaving, now the computer I worked 2 jobs to afford to buy not working.  I know that Apple may replace it under warranty, but it’s still just the principle of how every single thing I do has to have some sort of complicated aspect to it.  I just couldn’t have one last week of peace &productivity in NY.  Even tomorrow – and I’m just venting because I’m frustrated – I had a long awaited haircut appointment but my sister can’t be home anymore and I have to stay with Strider once again & cancel my appointment.  I need to try to go on job interviews.  I have to look decent and if you looked at those pictures from my birthday party and have a vagina, you’ll know exactly why I say I need a haircut.

Anyways, so I’m basically in a massively depressing mood right now &needed a little bit of cheer.   Joe & Steph came by to say goodbye to me, which was nice.  Then I turned on the Dell (I know I talk down upon you all the time dear Dell, but you’re a trooper that’s still here for me in the end…) and looked at the iTunes and was absolutely shocked to find this:


Top 10?  WTF?!  The last time I looked was this morning and we were like 19 or something.  So I was just really looking to be sorta kill time in general.  Then I decided to go for broke & check the TV/Film combined Audio & Video:


29?!  Holy crap.  How on earth did that happen?  I’m so…pleased and excited and in shock.  But it gets better:

new-and-notableNew and notable?!  That’s so cool!  Thank you to everyone who subscribed.  I’ve been so stressed out and worried about moving and the dog these last two weeks that I’ve made stupid little mistakes here and there (examples: I gave the wrong title for next week’s episode & then you know, POSSIBLY BROKE MY PRECIOUS BABY MACBOOK).  At least it was kick ass to see something positive like that.

Oh and P.S. if someone out there is wishing ill karma/bad luck upon me, I hope that you are happy.  But honestly, karma always comes back around and around and around…

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