And Back Up the Coast

Jay and I are leaving soon (it’s 7:29am to be precise) to drive a uHaul truck up to New York so we can collect the rest of my stuff (furniture, Harry Potter books, etc.) and then come back to North Carolina with said things on Tuesday.  Sounds like a party, huh?  We’ve got to get out of here before 8am because it’s already snowing north of us on the east coast and the snow’s supposed to hit Raleigh soon too.  I can’t believe I’m willing driving a uHaul (well, Jay’s doing the majority of the driving haha) into a “Winter Weather Advisory”.  This is going to be fun.  I’m sure I’ll take lots of pictures of videos or something.

Meanwhile, here’s two pictures of my (empty) new apartment.

img_5945My living room

img_5946The kitchen area

I have a den, a bedroom, a bathroom, washer/dryer hookup area, deck, and small dining area.  And my walk-in closet is pretty large, with lots of built in shelving already.  Yay!

Gotta go.  Wish us luck!

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