live blackerry-blogging

Jay is letting me entertain myself with his blackberry all day as we drive so rather than Twitter updates I’ll do “live” updates this way. I’m going to have fun with this haha

8:20am – starting the first of 8 stored up Smodcasts. No coffee in me yet.

8:42am – Jay is dying of laughter at Smodcast & we have finally made it onto 95 north

9:38am – second of 8 Smodcasts at Jay’s request. I wonder how long til we need a break lol. I need coffee badly.
10:08am – Just crossed the state line into Virginia!

11:07am – we’re watching from the center lane as a little blue Civic from Vermont piss off a big truck in the left lane by boxing him in. WTF is a truck doing tailgating in the left lane anyway?
11:12am – Hello, Richmond!

11:41am – Smodcast #3 begins (Episode 73)
11:51am – Yay!!! Jay is finally ready to stop for caffeine too!!

12:58pm – We couldn’t agree on where to get food so I got subway while Jay got a Baconater from Wendy’s. Lucky me…

1:17pm – Aaaand we’re in Maryland

2:10pm – Just passed thru the tunnel in Baltimore. For some reason my EZ Pass has not worked twice now on this toll but works on all the rest. That potential fine is going to suck ass when added to the $750 it cost to rent this truck lol. Ugh.
2:13pm – Well we are doing okay beating the impending weather but my dad just told us my sister Katelyn’s flight out of Vegas was canceled due to the weather (it’s not snowing yet though). Guess what airline she’s flying? DELTA! Piece of shit airline

2:56pm – Strolling thru Delaware for the next few minutes

3:00pm – “A SEARS OUTLET?! Now I’ve seen everything!” -Jay

3:10pm – We enter New Jersey listening to an eclectic mix of Jeff Buckley & Kanye West, with a little Brendan James, Beyonce & Britney thrown in

4:45pm – Finally in NY! We had a 15 minute detour to (unsuccessfully) find a gas station before we left the 30-cents cheaper NJ which sucks hardcore but I’ll add the higher gas costs to the rest of the arm, leg & first born child this whole move is costing me

5:12pm – Pissed off that it cost me $2.09 for gas in Staten Island vs the $1.71 it was in NJ. I just angrily ate an entire pack of Twizzlers
5:19pm – Verizano Bridge into Brooklyn.

6:00pm – Just passed the exit for Shiro’s (Hibachi) & approaching my grandparents’ exit. Yup we’re on Long Island and 40 minutes from home

6:22pm – Passing the exit on the LIE that goes twds the Media Junkyard. Hi Chris and Rob!!! See ya in 20 days!

6:38pm – Got off the exit. 8 miles to go! And Strider got a bath just for us (and cuz he smelled like dog hospital lol
6:42pm – “Is it bad that I’m seeing bridges on this road?” -Jay
6:46pm – FINALLY HERE!!! 10 hrs 46 minutes & 4 Smodcasts later.

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