So I Guess Women are Lower than Weed

I know I asked this question over Twitter last night, but it actually does bug me a bit, so I figured I’d mention it here for good measure:

Why is it that Michael Phelps lost endorsements and has to go on national TV this weekend in order to defend himself for smoking weed at a party but Chris Brown’s album sales have stayed the same and he’s the one who voluntarily dropped out of the Kids’ Choice Awards, even though he beat the crap out of a woman?  I think that he was only put on suspension for one of his endorsement deals.  I didn’t see Phelps forcing anyone else to smoke up nor did I see him shooting needles into his veins or snorting coke off anyone’s ass.  I did, however, see the photo of a bruised and battered woman.  But I guess she asked for it, right?  So he’s off the hook?


Oooohhh, I’m getting in Vagina Monologues mode again.  I was out of commission all day yesterday because I was sick and had no energy to get out of bed.  I have a ton of stuff to do today since I’m going back to New York tomorrow to see Lauren Graham Lorelei Gilmore in “Guys and Dolls” on Broadway with my sisters.

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