Thanks, U.S. Banking System

Okay, so I got a call from my mom before.  Apparently my screw-up bank back on Long Island sent a letter saying that they automatically deducted a fee from my account because I withdrew money from my savings account more than 6 times in one month.  I’m a little more than slightly pissed off over this.  I just moved to North Carolina five weeks ago.  I like to keep my checking account around a certain amount so that I can control my spending and not blow through my savings, particularly now since I do not have a job and I have rent and bills to pay.  I think that this is a smart way of handling my money.  I know what works best for ME.  There’s been a TON of unexpected expenses that have popped up in the last month & a half as I realized there were little and big things here and there I’d need to set up shop in Raleigh.  So, yes, I have had to transfer money from my savings account into my checking account a lot more frequently than I did at home.

According to the letter that I was sent, it’s actually a LAW that you can’t withdraw money from your own account more than six times in a month.  That’s not exactly one of those things that are drilled into your head by your bank when you open an account.  I know that America’s banking system is in need of money right now, but penalizing me for my own personal spending system by stealing taking my hard-earned money out of my bank account is quite frustrating.  No offense, but how about the U.S. government and banks learn how to manage their own fucking money first before they start telling me how to manage my own?

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