Douche Chill Clif

Okay, so let me start by saying that I do have a video we made during our travels to San Diego last night, but the Internet where we are right now is stolen borrowed and therefore, not strong enough for me to upload it yet.  I’ll get it up though (that’s what she said).  In the meantime, please accept this small token of entertainment.  Southwest Airlines goes 3 seats across and since there were 4 of us traveling (Jay, myself, Jana, and Clif), Clif ended up sitting in the aisle seat for the row across from us.  So we spent some time on the flight adding fun things to different pictures of Clif in a Perez Hilton-style.  Jay saved some to us computer but I can only find one of them, but it’s funny enough.  It’s from last year’s Comic Con:


Oh yeah and I got pulled aside while boarding the plane yesterday so they could test my BRAND NEW bottle of water (bought AFTER security within the airport terminal) for alcohol or whatever.  Yeah. Hilarious, right? Meh.

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