We’re All Wonderwall Dorks

Okay so I sorta took what I had and combined it with what Media Junkyard did for their vidcast and voila, a brand new idea was born that directly lead to me getting 4 hours of sleep and having 45 minutes to finish up YuBlog.org stuff for today and pack for my straight-from-work trip back to Long Island this weekend.  All this traveling is seriously starting to wear me down; I wish we could just pull a Potter and Apparate/Disapparate whenever and wherever we pleased.  But anyways, here’s what the end of a long week of fun/being awake since 2am did to all of us who let’s face it would probably have done it regardless of when we’d woken up or our previous days’ adventures.

In other news, TGIF. Peace.

Oh and P.S. since Jay just pointed it out again, yeah, this is a blatant rip off of what Rob & Chris did but since they’re mostly my pictures with 2 or 3 from Adam, I’m going to split the difference and called it “loosely inspired”.

Oh double P.S. I’m looking for new submissions to YuBlog.org so if you have anything you’d like to contribute in any topic at all, please email YuBlog.org@gmail.com or get in touch with me. Gracias!

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