Because I’m human, every so often, I do get down and out that I’m currently doing nothing career-wise in relation to what I have a degree (or 2 or 3) in (Journalism, P.R., English, Theatre…take your pick…).  And then, like a melodramatic 25-year-old with friends who actually do what they have degrees in, I do get a little bit sad and/or upset as to why I don’t really do anything career-wise of the sort and chances seem slim that I ever will, even though every thing I’ve done since college has been a conscious decision made.  And I like where I am now regardless.  Emo. Emo. Emo. Emo. Alert!

Then I see something like this and I feel better about myself:


The article is about Melanie Griffin checking into rehab for the 3rd time in like 8 years and who cares blah blah blah blah blah she probably just wants attention or something for making it public since no one really bothers to follow that bitch around anymore any way so it’s not like she couldn’t go to rehab and keep it a secret.  Anyway. Catch the mistake yet?

Ha. Ha. And whoever wrote this has a degree like I do.

Hire me, yo. At least I know how to tell genders apart.

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