Chuck knows a lot of Kung Fu.

I still have to finish up my post about Jay & my’s New Years Eve adventure but I’ve been blah all day when it comes to doing anything.  Mainly because I spent like 3 hours yesterday cleaning out my closet and reorganizing things, so today I felt lazy.  I’ll get to it within the next 3 days, I promise.  It’s a fun story with some special guest stars so stay tuned.

Anyway, Chuck started again today on NBC and will air Monday nights at 8pm EST, so if you’re looking for a great TV show to get into, then check out Chuck.  It’s a great show.  The first few episodes of the first season are somewhat slow but if you stick around, you will not regret it.

Thus said, Jay & I resumed podcasting together tonight with ChuckCast, the podcast we started last year as a joke when Ben & Ralph started theirs.  If you’d like to subscribe to ChuckCast, here’s the link to the iTunes store:

Please keep in mind that it’s not a Jay & Jack podcast, so if you’re expecting to hear them, you will be disappointed.  I know that I do not come close to being as great as Jack is but hopefully, Jay & I can keep you entertained.  We like getting to do something together that has zero pressure or money involved!  Well, that being said, I’m off to bed because I have a feeling it’s going to be a looooooong week…

Oohhh and Happy Birthday to Randy Princess Cupcake Assface Green, even though it’s after midnight so technically his birthday is over.  I miss you, dude.  I hope you peed in a river and thought of me.

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