Hawaii Part 2: Fangirl Geek-Outs

Friday, Friday, Friday.  I woke up on Friday, January 29 (our 2.5 yr anniversary!) at 6am.  Why?  Well other than my body thinking it was 11am, Clif’s phone kept making blooping noises because it was 1) Charged up and 2) getting text messages.  Then at around 6:30am, his phone rang.  He answered it and it was his father and he had a full out conversation with him at 6:30am.  Honestly, I know that Jay got annoyed by it and talked about it on the Jay & Jack Show but it wasn’t that bad for me.  I didn’t want to waste any of the day sleeping in.

I made Jay get up around 7:15am and we ended up going for a walk on the beach.  We walked down one way on the beach and then back along the street.  On the way back, I saw the hotel that my family had stayed in the first time we went to Hawaii, back when I was 15 or 16, the Moana Surfrider.  Oh yeah and we also came across some pretty awesome leis in an ABC store…


Walking on the beach


The hotel that my family stayed at 10 years ago


My kind of lei…

So upon returning to the hotel, it was around 8:15am and we decided to go in the totally super awesome pool at the hotel.  Around 8:30am, we saw Clif on the balcony of our hotel room and waved to him.  I guess he was shouting down to us a little too loudly because that’s when Jack woke up and went onto the balcony to investigate.  Here’s the picture Clif took while he was yelling down to us in the pool.  You can barely see us, but we’re in there lol.


So we went back upstairs around 9:15am.  In the interest of people want to actually continue reading this, I’ll speed it up a little bit.  We gathered Clif and went into Jack & Cyndi’s room, where I did my whole “omg-I’m-so-excited-yaayyyy!” speale and everyone who doesn’t like to have fun in life looked like they wanted to kill me.  Soon after, we all showered and got ready.  Jack, Jay, Clif & I had not eaten breakfast yet.  Jay, Clif & I decided to walk down to a local Jack in the Box and get something light to hold us over.

We had plans with Beth to give us an unofficial “Lost Tour”.  We had to meet her on the set at noon.  The set was on the North Shore, which was literally the furthest point from where our hotel was.  It would take an hour to get there, so we left around 11am.  I only had one of those Breakfast Jack thingys in my stomach.  We figured that we’d get lunch on the North Shore with Beth after she finished showing us some famous filming locations.  So we met up with Michael Purcell of Global Cash Card and hopped into a little rental car.

Well [pause].  Since Jay didn’t know where he was going and was relying on the GPS on Clif’s iPhone to get us to the meeting point, it took us well over an hour to get there.  We saw the Grass Skirt Productions signs and turned into the lot.  The guys doing security asked us if we were here for Lost and we told them yes and got in with no problem.  We see dudes walking around in Others garb.  Beth walks over to the car and Cyndi & Jack ask her if they can use the restroom.  Michael’s face lights up and he follows them.  This entire time, Clif is lecturing Jay & myself about the proper etiquette for being on the set of a TV show.  You know, I may be loud and annoying in my every day life but I know how to be on best behavior when I want to be.  I start nagging the hell out of Jay for us to catch up to them because I did have to pee pretty badly and I didn’t want to be stuck with professor-dad Clif over there.  Jay doesn’t want to “get in trouble” so he resists until Beth waves us over.

We walk around what I think was the costume trailer and come across another set of trailers.  My eyesight makes a total beeline to none other than Josh Holloway!  Internal monologue: “Uh whaaatttt?!”  In an attempt to try not to stare, I turn to face Jack.  He mutters to me, “He’s talking to Matthew Fox!”  Internal monologue: “flkajdflaudfahfOMFGokdafhia. Be cool. Go pee.”  Then I remember my full bladder and natural instinct kicks in and I ask where the bathroom was.  I think at this point, it was either Jack or Cyndi who quietly exclaim, “I just walked past Evangeline Lilly!”  I nod and walk towards where Beth is motioning the bathroom is.

As I walk by Beth, I see she’s talking to Evangeline Lilly in her trailer but this time, I’m on a mission.  I did my business (#1, don’t get any ideas) in Jorge’s trailer and return to the group.  At this point, Evangeline Lilly is now outside talking to Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox.  I must say that she really is quite a beautiful woman.  Oh hell, everyone on that show is attractive.

End of fangirl geek-out paragraph.  Start of just plan geek-out section.

So we set off with Beth (and since we all keep talking about Beth but never actually saying who she is, I should probably just clear up that Beth is Jorge Garcia’s lovely girlfriend).  Since it took so long to get to the North Shore and we had to leave by a certain time to get back for the ABC press mixer, we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked for the tour.  But we made the best of it!

We hit up the camp that serves as the set for New Otherton:





And saw Benjamin Linus’s house:


And the beach where the filmed the pilot, Aljira 316 crash, etc:


Moving along from there, we went to the site where they keep the wreckage from Oceanic 815 and the little plane that Yemi’s body was on:





Oh and did I mention that Jay & I found pieces of the plane that had blown outside the fence?  HA! 5 years ago when I stood in the middle of the DVD section of Wal-Mart trying to decide whether or not to buy Season 1 of Lost, I definitely never would have imaged that I’d be actually holding a broken piece of that set in my hand someday…



Next up, we made a quick stop at the set where young Mr. Eko’s flashback took place – the one where the kids were playing soccer.


On the way back to dropping Beth off on set, we stopped at the tree where Kate buried the NKOTB lunchbox.  I wished we could’ve gotten closer to it because I wanted to climb it lol.


We dropped Beth back off – and no, there weren’t any more sightings because the actors were all off filming – and then began the long drive back to Waikiki.  Clif got us a little bit lost and of course then his phone died BUT we managed to get back based on pure awesomeness and a good sense of direction.

Well, I think I’ve lived up to this blog’s name and rambled on long enough.  Next up: Friday evening (well, what I can remember from it…).

P.S. Beth has a children’s book coming out in the spring.  You can find it on Amazon.com by clicking here.

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