I’m kinda bored and since I’ve probably exhausted everyone’s desire to ask me questions on my Formspring account, I figured I’d go through some of my darling Jay’s best questions/answers and add my two cents. I’m logging some practice hours in for becoming a wife.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure tv show?

There isn’t really a show I watch that I feel guilty about. I have been watching wedding shows more though but that’s a product of the current environment haha

He lies. He loves “Glee” and tolerates “Gossip Girl.”  Also, please note that I have not yet watched one wedding show at all.

How much money would it take for you to pose nude in playgirl?

Any decent offer, I could use a new car

I am okay with this.  I’d rather people see him naked than have him die on 95 driving home from school because his P.O.S. car finally decided to quit life and fall apart.

I want to go to Austism speaks podcast, but have no wear to stay. do you have extra room to sleep?

Sorry no room at the Inn

Yeah, Zoe hates strangers.  But you can reserve your room for a special rate of $68/night at the Wingate by Wyndham, which is right next to the Raleigh IcePlex.  The number is (919) 821-0888 and all you have to do is say that you are with “Jay and Jack’s Podcast for Autism Speaks.”

what is your junk food weakness?

Cooler Ranch Doritoes, or the old Taco Supreme doritioes. Man I could eat those for days, and I have lol

I also would have accepted “Every chip or remotely unhealthy thing that Colleen brings home with the hopes of getting to even get a taste of herself.”  Also, that’s what she said.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? by kristinfinley

That’s What She Said?

Kristin, *I* got the question.

what is your favorite thing about Colleen?

Her smile, Her sense of adventure, Her love of things geek, and how much she really truly cares about the people she loves. She’s my best friend that I could spend a lifetime with.

What, are you trying to get laid or something?

What is your middle name?

Hmm lets keep it a mystery

It rhymes with “Smoseph”.

have you ever written a song for Colleen?


Yes, but then you were GOING TO LET SOMEONE ELSE USE IT!!

Toilet Paper Roll: Over or Under?

Not life or death for me, but I do find under more efficient

As the person who changes the toilet paper in this joint, over is the ONLY way to go.

Why is everybody doing formspring?

no clue

Boredom and attention with a big drop of fun mixed in.

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