My Macbook Story Update


Soooooo, it looks like there’s a very good chance my Macbook will be up and running again by Tuesday evening which is relieving.  Also, I was able to hook up Jay’s old iMac that’s been sitting on the floor, out of commission for months because the video card didn’t work anymore.  SO even if my computer isn’t back by Tuesday, I’ll still be able to use the iMac for the post (sorry, but that discussion is seriously one of my very favorite parts of the week) because I can ignore distortion in the WordPress admin very easily.  YAY!!  I’m still bitter about not getting to see any of my State tax check but it’s a helluva lot better than taking money out of the wedding fund.

And my weekend looks way brighter now.  Now all I really have to worry about is someone seeing what’s saved to my desktop but that’s highly unlikely.

I can still barely look at this horrific image but here’s a pic of what my Macbook looks like:


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