Mariah Stole My Dress…

…but she probably paid a helluva lot more for it:

I noticed in last week’s US Weekly that Amanda Bynes, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lil Kim were all wearing a blue version of that dress in the “Who Wore It Better?” section AND in the most recent issue of People magazine, Jennifer Love Hewitt is also wearing the same dress in blue (hey, I was traveling last weekend so I got a lot of magazines, leave me alone).  My dress was BCBG Max Azaria and theirs was Hervé Léger by Max Azaria.  Mine retailed for about $1,000 less than theirs did lol so I think I win (it was probably the a difference in materials, I’m guessing?).  Whatever bitches, I like it in pink the best!

P.S. I know that she didn’t really “steal” my dress since Mariah Carey has not looked like she does in that picture in a long ass time so she probably did wear it first.  Details, details.

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