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So I’m blogging from my apartment complex’s pool right now. Jay and I decided yesterday to invite a few friends over to bbq for the 4th of July since this was the first year I’ve ever not had plans. Usually I’d go to my great aunt and great uncle’s house for the best family 4th of July party ever and go spend some quality time at the Bing family party but since I’m spending my first 4th in Raleigh (last year we drove up to NY), I didn’t really have any plans. So now I’m staking out a table, grill & lounge chairs two hours early while Jay prepares his world famous “Jaygers”. I’m literally the only one here so I feel kinda silly and pretty bored lol. I was supposed to go swimming at the gym at 9am but those plans got messed up when we had the brilliant idea to save a spot amidst the fierce crowds of the pool. Yeah, good plan Jay and Colleen. Meh.

At least I’m still so slow with the iPad touch screen that it took me 15 damn minutes to poke out that last paragraph lol.

So while I wait for Clif, Sara, TJ and Kristin to arrive, I’ll run down what’s been going on. Jay & I finished the 2nd season of True Blood and started the 3rd. We are also trying to download season 4 of Dexter so we can watch that before Comic Con too. TB 2 was pretty awesome and by “awesome” I mean “Alexander Sarsgaard or however you spell his last name is hot and good choice Alan Ball giving him more screen time.” I would like to see a season where Tara isn’t acting crazy though bc I liked her a lot in season 1 and I’m super excited for the Sam storyline they’re setting up with his family (keep in mind that we’ve only seen the first ep of 3 so far so no spoilers).

I went to the beach with Sara and Kristin yesterday. We left at 7:30am to try to avoid the crowd at Wrightsville Beach but by 9:45am when we finally got there, parking was already nonexistent and douche bags were already out in full force. We drove around for 45 minutes and still no parking which sucked. We did get a spot at long last only to have some giant asshole come up to Sara and start screaming at her to “get out of that spot” and “leave” so he could have it. It was a public parking spot but in front of someone’s house that he must’ve known & been told he could park there. I was all for saying “fuck you, we got here first” but with crazy people, who knows so we left. We were so angry after that exchange that we decided to drive down to Carolina Beach and test our luck there. That luckily worked out way better for us and we had a fabulous time. Although I was wearing a strapless bikini top with string ties on the bottom and unfortunately I got slammed by a wave and had several, shall we say, wardrobe malfunctions. I pulled the top up quick enough for only Sara to get a good view and was relieved until I realized a split second later that all was definitely NOT right. Somehow the bow had come untied. Oh but not only untied but completely come undone. It fed thru a little tube of fabric – like the strings in a hoodie – and the knot that stopped it also came undone so i couldn’t even do a quick fix. I held myself together/up and did a small walk of shame out of the ocean. I’m glad that again, Sara was the only one who saw anything and it wasn’t the front lol. Kristin was a rockstar and able to fix it after about 15 minutes of trying. So that’s my embarrassing oops moment of the day!

Ok, my wrist hurts from my ghetto way of typing & Jay should be here soon to relieve me so I can get myself together for a half hour before they arrive. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July or if you’re not American, a wonderful Sunday!

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