San Diego Comic Con ’10 – Sunday

So Sunday July 25 started off with disaster.  After we got home from the Media Junkyard meet-up at about 3am, we had problems.  We got ready for bed and I was just about passed out when I heard Jay go, “WHAT THE F*CK?!” from the bathroom.  He had gotten up to just pee- no tp involved – and the toilet was overflowing.  Now, I had almost missed the Hawaii 5-0 panel on Friday morning because the toilet was overflowing as I was about to shower.  It had flushed after I used it, but I had thrown a piece of toilet paper in there just as I was heading into the shower (Jay was already gone and doing the H 5-opress) since there was no trash can in the toilet/shower part.  I flushed it and BAM!  The water level rose like crazy and stopped just short of overflowing.  Naturally, I freaked out because I’m naked and there’s no plunger in the room and I’m thinking it was my fault.  I managed to calm it down and told Jay about the problem when I got to the panel and when we got back before the J&J meet-up that night, there was still a little bit of an issue with it.  We called maintanence and they said they’d fix it while we were gone, no problem.  Well they never freaking fixed it!  So we have a disgusting gross puddle of septic water on our bathroom floor at 3:15am.  I called the front desk.  No one is on duty at that crappy hotel AT ALL but the one girl there.  No housekeeping, maintanence, anything.  She brings a plunger up and insists it’s “our fault” when Jay continues to insist that it’s NOT a plunging problem.  He plunges and there’s no suction and the overflow gets worse, proving our point to her.  She gives us like 10 towels and we soak it up overnight, all while trying not to breathe.  It was a f*cking disaster.

We went downstairs to complain the next morning on about 4.5 hours of sleep.  We were cranky, to say the least, but polite enough to the very helpful manager who gave us a refund for Saturday night.  We were also given the key to a clean room where we could shower and move our stuff to.  Jay went down ahead of me because he had to do press for the Castlepanel.  I headed down to the Convention Center about 45 minutes later and ran into Kolkie on the street.  We attempted to get into Castlebut it was full.  Instead, we said hi to Andrea Gabriel who was signing autographs in the Sails Pavillion and then headed into the Smallville press room to meet up with the other members of MJ.

In the Smallville press room, I saw Jonathan Schneider and Tom Welling, along with all the other stars of the show, like Erica Durant, etc.  I haven’t seen Smallville since the 100th episode in Season 5 but my dear Uncle Lou is a huge, huge fan so I made sure to get pictures of Schneider and Welling for him:



I met up with Clif & Nick after the Smallville press room and we ran into the always fun to talk to Tad Stones.  We all chatted briefly.  I headed over to the Castlepress room after that and met up with Jay and the lovely Rachel White with baby Chloe. [Side note: I need to point out that Kris & Rachel’s daughter Chloe is one of the most adorable babies ever.  I think Jay wanted to take her home lol.  Between her & Isabel, my hopes for being able to go to Comic Con after I have kids have been raised drastically.]  We left the Convention Center after that and headed to meet up with a bunch of people to have lunch.  I really forget the name of the restaurant but it was…not that great to be honest.  It took forever for us to get our food and it didn’t taste great but that’s life and it could’ve been way worse.

We headed back to the Convention Center after lunch and did some last minute looking around.  Met up with Melissa after all the Pottercast/Harry Potter mania died down a bit and caught up with her, which is always a good time since we haven’t seen her since the LA Lost Finale party.  I’m bummed that the others couldn’t make it on Sunday so we didn’t get to see Frak or John & Bre (sad face).

It should surprise no one that our crappy hotel charged you for a late check out.  We didn’t want to carry everything around nor did we want to make Rob come pick us up at the Convention Center in the middle of the madness, so we forked up some $$ and paid for the late check out.  At about 3:30, we walked back to our crappy hotel one last time and got our stuff.  Rob kindly came to get us and we headed back downtown to pick up Clif, Jana, and Nick to drop them off at their new, not crappy hotel in Clairmont.  Later that evening, Jay, Jana & I went to a Glatfelter family barbeque with some of the best carne asada tacos I have ever had.  Seriously, it was delicious.  This is from the bbq, courtesy of Rob’s Facebook:


We headed back to Rob & Jay’s grandma Bev’s house later that night and passed out for a few hours before it was time to go to DISNEYLAND the next morning.  And on that note, stay tuned for a Disneyland post tomorrow and then we can finally be done with recapping the great San Diego trip of 2010.

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