The One Where Heather Turns 21

My future sister-in-law Heather turns 21 this month.  I like parties and I like Heather so we threw her a 21st birthday party this weekend.  We played King’s Cup (they call it Circle of Death) a few times and it reminded me of awesome times with Amanda G. during college.  I loved that game and Heather’s party brought me back.  I think it also brought Clif back too because we both acknowledged “old school” rules, which was funny.

Anyway, we had cake:


We had friends:


We had Captain Kirk.  I wish I could explain more right now but I slacked at blogging/putting pics up back in April.  I *WILL* and it will be epic.  Consider this a prequel/having seen “Empire Strikes Back” before “A New Hope.”  Just trust me. When I tell the Kirk stories, they will be worth it.


So at some point last night, Jay & I decided it would be a good idea to balance on the papasan chair and take a pic. BAD IDEA.Especially when one party has gained weight (aka me).


I ended up with this bruise.  It was worth it but it freaking hurts even now as I type this.  It was worth it though for eating the extra pizza bites and having so much fun.  Happy Birthday, Heather!!!


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