An Oldie Jolleen Story

I know that I have told to this story before but it’s one of my favorite memories and since it’s Podcast Award nomination times once again I figured that I would fondly revisit the past.

On October 19, 2008, Jay and I had gone to dinner in Raleigh at Fox ‘N’ Hound Grill at North Hills.  It was my first time eating dinner there; we often went there for drinks on Sunday nights when I would visit Raleigh because it was next to the movie theater and we had a little routine of getting drinks, seeing a movie, and enjoying our last night together before I’d leave for NY on a 7am flight on Monday morning.  As we paid the bill, I received a text message from Mr. Chris In Boston that would inevitable change my life and you can read that in whatever subtext you’d like.  To paraphrase: “DUDE! Metrobuzz got nominated for a Podcast Award for Best Comedy!!”

WELL.  When I say that that was completely, 100% unexpected, I mean that was completely, totally, 1,000,000% unexpected.  John & I had not campaigned for a nomination at all and at that time, I was working about 70 hours a week (literally) between 2 jobs to try save up to move to NC.  I was so beyond exhausted after 3 months of this that my heart was only about 80% in it.  [For anyone who works a lot, I do hope that you know what I mean and are not offended by my admission.  That 2nd job was such a blessing because it allowed me to pay my parents back for about $3,000 I owed them within 3 months and to save up to move to Raleigh.  I do, however, seriously regret how little my patience was with things during that fall/winter when all I was doing was working and visiting Jay.]  MetroBuzz’s nomination brought me back to a reality that I didn’t even recognize: People liked ME?!?!  After they completely, totally destroyed any bit of self-esteem I had after appearing on the Ramblecast in October 2007?  To me, this nomination was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise.

To celebrate, we decided to go up to the bar in the restaurant and order shots.  Again, I cannot stress enough how shocked and just…happy…I was at the nomination.  The Lost Podcast was nominated for Best Entertainment (they’ve won once, in 2007), so the prospect of both myself and my boyfriend getting to celebrate Internet-Awesome wins was just SO COOL.  We decided on straight vodka shots.  I think we had 2 or 3 shots each but it was within 10 minutes and we had each already had a drink during dinner, so by the time we get into the theater, we were totally buzzing big time.  We got there during the trailers and went up to the back row, popcorn and soda in hand, giggling for the entire first half of the movie.  I had placed the popcorn on the arm of the chair in between us so we could share it.  At some point, Jay decided to lift up the chair’s arm and popcorn went flying all over the place!  Naturally, in our “loosened” state, we found this to be absolutely hilarious.  The theater wasn’t crowded but I’m sure the other 5 people in there were not happy with us.  It was just so funny and we still laugh about it, even though lifting up an arm chair with popcorn on it is only funny to us.  But hey, at least it there wasn’t soda in it!

P.S. If Podcast Award nominations are your thang, Jay & Jack are hoping for nominations in “Best Entertainment” & “People’s Choice” for The Lost Podcast and “Best Comedy” for the Married Man Show. kthanksbye!

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