Obligatory 12/11/10 Post

Another fun date, another fantabulous blogging opportunity.  Not a whole lot going on.  I’m almost done with Christmas shopping.  Going home (by myself) Dec 21-26 to celebrate with the fam.  I’m not currently flying Business Select lol but I’m considering upgrading to it.  Been sad today after hearing the news of a family friend who passed away last night.  Please say a prayer for her family.  Also been thinking about maybe going back to school next fall though I’m not sure for what yet.  Still in the midst of a Supernatural rewatch.  That’s really about it.

But enough about me!  Two things you should check out:

  1. Jay’s new blog!  The days of “Jay Writes…Or At Least Tries To” may be long done but now you can go to his really sick nasty new site, LukeVenk.com.  My smoopsy knows how to make the very most of a handle! 😉  Add it to your bookmarks; we may be doing some crossovers in the future.
  2. My longtime friend Aimee has opened her own clothing shop in historic Smithville, NJ to sell her own designs made from recycled fabrics, as well as other unique, exclusively made accessories.  It’s called The Green Rabbit.  She doesn’t have a website up but is working on an etsy one and if you’re on Facebook, you can look at some of her designs here in the “Photo Albums” section.  She’s sending me a few as a favor try on and hopefully one of them will fit so I can buy it.  I’ll post pictures of the ones that look good at me once they get here.  Aimee’s got a wonderful style and I hope her clothing designs take off.

Well that’s enough from me for tonight.  I’m pooped; I tried using 4lb weighs in my pilates class today instead of 2lb weights (they didn’t have 3lbs) and it was a fail.  My arms area already SO SORE and I need to grab a beer and watch someCommunity with the Mr. LukeVenk.com!

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