i will hold you close in a thankful heart

(In case you hadn’t noticed from the post title, I’m totally using Muppet Christmas Carol lyrics for post titles whenever applicable this whole week.)

Since I’m leaving for New York tomorrow night to spend Christmas with my family and Jay’s staying here to work/spend Christmas with his family,we decided to celebrate Christmas tonight.  We exchanged gifts and made a really nice dinner.

Jay got me a really gorgeous Coach purse and a brand new camera!  I dropped my old camera back in July so I couldn’t use the video or review functions.  It’s still a really good camera and takes awesome pictures so it was manageable to make do with it all these months, but I’m thrilled to have a super new spiffy one that takes pics and video in HD too!  And Jay even bought a case to go along with it to help prevent any future incidents involving my klutziness.  (As you can see, even Zoe is jealous of my presents.)


I got my wonderful flatfooted fiance a foot massager from Brookstone.  His poor feet always hurt after long days working at Apple, so I know that the i-need was just what he-needed (I couldn’t resist).


Finally, we grilled some of the awesome steaks that my Grandma sent us for Christmas and made some garlic bread to go along with them.  Pop open some wine + light some candles = perfect dinner. <3


I’m sad that I’m not going to get to spend Christmas with Jay this year, but I know that I’ll have a great time with family in NY.  Plus, I’ll be back December 26 if all goes well on the flying front.  5 more days til Christmas!

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