bless us all, who gather here

I’m delayed at BWI right now (Baltimore’s airport) so I figured I’d share with everyone some pictures from my office’s Christmas lunch today.  Everyone brought in a dish.  My coworker Patty made awesome kilbasa (spelling?).  Oh man, I wasn’t hungry at all but I ate a TON of it.  We also had HoneyBaked Ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato suffle, broccoli salad, potato salad, homemade bread, deviled eggs, mac & cheese casserole, baked pecans, pecan pie, cranberry cookies, and Boston Creme pie.  I’m willing to bet I even forgot to list some things.  It was seriously a feast.

This is the before:


Cutting our ham:


…and this is the after:


I’m still so full from it and we ate around 1pm.  I basically don’t want to eat again until Christmas Eve right now.  Anyways, I should get back to my book and then head on to my gate to wait there.  3 more days til Christmas!

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