after all, there’s only one more sleep ’til Christmas

I know that technically it’s after midnight on Christmas by an hour but I figured I’d share some of my Christmas Eve. My mom always hosts Christmas Eve while my Grandma has Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve at my parents’ with my family is SO MUCH FUN.  My sisters and I usually go to 4:00 mass while my parents prepare for family to arrive by 5:30.  We’re Italian, so we do the “7 fishes” Christmas Eve deal.  Jay stayed in North Carolina this year, so it really sucks that we are apart but he had to work.  He hasn’t spent a Christmas Day with his family since 2007.  Plus, I have to work Monday so I’ll be back Sunday.  Jay usually spends Christmas Eve in Raleigh then flies out Christmas Day to spend with my family.  This year was (duh) different.  Next year, we are going to have to do whatever it takes to spend the holidays together.  I want to spend our first married holidays together so if that means not going to NY then it is what it is and I’ll have to make do.

Anyways, here’s me and my mom:


More pictures that I’d bet $1 million on that no one reading this gives one flying f*c about after the JUMP!

Me and Katelyn:


My dad got this growler from Southampton and OH MY GOD IT WAS AWESOME.  Jeremiah #2 got the last of it, but he did give me a sip later on in the night after mine was finished haha:


My poor baby sister Christie was sick.  She got some mono-like virus while living in London and supposedly it flares up the first year from time to time.  She thinks this was one of its flare ups.  <3 I hope you feel better Christie.


With my godmother:


Me and my wonderful amazing Grandpa:

christmaseve6With my role-model-to-all-women Grandma:


PS Here’s my wrapped Twitter Secret Santa gift followed by my unwrapped gift.  Second picture isn’t very flattering but my mom did a pretty good job taking it, so go you, Mom!



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