Obligatory 1/1/11 Post

Happy January 1, 2011 everyone!  New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays.  There’s always a reason to celebrate – either the end of a good year, the end of a shitty year or the hope of what a new year can bring.

Anyway, I put together a really ghetto video with some clips of Jay, Clif, Mike & I bowling last night (we did more than just bowl but that’s when the videos were taken lol).   We went to this brand new bowling alley that was having a New Year’s party called Sparians.  It’s grand opening is January 7, 2011.  Just a warning: the video looks like it was made on PowerPoint in 1998 but that’s how I roll.  YouTube is telling me that there’s still about 134 minutes left for it to upload and I’m so tired that I’m not waiting until 1:00am to embed it on here.  Stay tuned for an update tomorrow with that video.  Also, pictures then.  Like I said, I’m wiped out.  I just can’t stay out until 2:00am anymore and be fine by lunch the next day.

How was everyone else’s New Year’s Eve celebrations?  Anyone do anything fun?

Update: Here’s the video. Party like it’s 1999:

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