I think I’ll skip the trip to Oz today, thank you very much.

I stopped to get the mail on my way back from the gym/doing errands just as the storm began to hit.  I guess the tornado and high wind warnings were true, because this branch broke off a tree about 15 feet in front of me.

It got really dark and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY windy here and there was thunder, lightning and rain.  I saw another tree in the back of our apartment blown down and was getting nervous, I admit.  Zoe & I stayed safe in the corner of the kitchen, away from any windows just in case.  That was 30 minutes ago (from about 3:40-4:00pm).  It’s now 4:20pm and the rain and wind has stopped and the sun looks like looked like it was trying to poke out here and there for a hot minute.  I can hear sirens on the main road though, so I hope whoever they’re going to help is okay.  But I’m relieved that Zoe & I “survived” my first big Southern storm.  Hopefully the other tornados/storm tracks in the area stay on course and avoid us.  I’ve had enough excitement for one day.  No trips to Oz for this girl.  I’ve got a wedding to attend in 13 days!

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