I’m not in love with Judas, baby.

I totally missed out on the hoopla when Lady Gaga’s second single for “Born This Way” was ahem “leaked” on Friday and then put up on iTunes. I didn’t really like it to be honest but upon third and fourth listen, it’s not completely terrible.  I did like “Born This Way” (the single) upon first listen to.  Regardless, “Born This Way” (the single) was no “Bad Romance,” and “Judas” is no “Telephone”.  I don’t get why after such an awesome first one-and-a-half albums, Gaga has decided to full Madonna instead of creating her own path. If you want to use religious references as symbolism in your songs, fine, but it’s really f*cking distracting to the music when every article associated with it focuses more on whether its controversial or not and less on the actual music. This makes me angry because it makes Gaga a hypocrite when she says she’s all about the “music” and being “herself” and I really like Lady Gaga and don’t want her to be a hypocrite. If that were true, then the cover art for th single wouldn’t be a cross with a heart inside it. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. No comments about how of course she wants controversy because it sells records! or she’s not really about individualism because she’s been copying Madonna! or any of that because I know. To be fair, “Judas” does have the makings of a decent pop dance song: it’s catchy, gets in your head and stays there, has a decent beat, etc. I just wish she’d stop with that stupid “What a Girl Wants”-style rap-talking in the middle of her songs. It worked for “Born This Way” but it’s stupid here.

Okay, I’m done now. I still can’t wait for the full album to come out on the one year anniversary of the day “Lost” ended (represent!) and will probably buy it or at least download it lol. I guess I just wish there’d be another “Bad Romance” in the bunch.

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