“I think Colleen should start dating Jay from the Jay & Jack Show.”

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!  I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing day.  I was able to lay out this morning to get some real color for the wedding.  It was 88 degrees today, so although I was only out for about an hour and a half, I got way more color than I was planning on, so #Winning! 🙂  Then Jay & I went to dinner at Jay’s parents house and ate a delicious dinner with Jack, Cyndi, Heather & Kayla.  I don’t like ham in general but I do love me some HoneyBaked Ham!

Weather check as of Sunday, April 24:

I was proud of myself; when I took that screen cap, it was the first time I had looked at the 10-day forecast for Long Island all day.

So where was I in the Origin Story of Jay & Colleen?  Or the potential “Podcast Power Couple,” as one MetroBuzz listener suggested? [Editor’s Note: Ryan & Jen Ozawa will always & forever be the reigning Podcasting Power Couple.]

After word got out that Jay & I met up in Raleigh, there was some minor buzz about it on the Jay & Jack message boards that caused me to worry that perhaps there would be drama after all.  I really wanted to avoid this because drama always ruins everything.  It died down quickly though and Jay & I laughed about how people thought we hooked up on our first meeting, since that was very much not true.

Here is an audio clip of me talking about my trip to North Carolina (and my delayed flight to NC lol) on MetroBuzz Episode 1.17, “The Fellowship of the Note” – “MetroBuzz Clip: Colleen’s Trip to Raleigh”

But then there was a call into MetroBuzz that made me secretly smile.  Shauna from Seattle’s call was probably the first credible feedback from someone who I’d never met that suggested Jay & I get together.  I have to admit, Jay & I were sorta dubious that it was a real person until she introduced her very legitimate self on Facebook later on lol.

Here is Shauna from Seattle’s call to MetroBuzz. I believe it aired in either the June 20 or June 27, 2007 episode of MetroBuzz: “Shauna from Seattle’s Call”

My favorite part of her call is that she pulled a Babe Ruth after only getting up to the March 7, 2007 episode of the podcast – she hadn’t yet gotten to the episode where I talked about meeting Jay in person.

Meanwhile, Jay & I had continued talking via text, AIM, Private Message (PM) on the message boards, phone, etc.  On July 4, 2007, as I was standing in line at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey with my friends Ian & Joe while texting with Jay, he told me, “I’m going to take you on a date [at San Diego Comic Con later that month].”  I know that for a few minutes I couldn’t breathe because I was so excited.

So that’s where we were when we finally met in person for the second time at the San Diego airport on July 25, 2007. Sorry about the quality – I shrank the file a little bit in iMovie to make it upload to YouTube quicker because it’s so late at night for me right now.  Anyway, Jay picked John & I up from the airport, looking as handsome as ever 🙂

That’s it for tonight; I have to get up in 5 hours so I better get to sleep! 5 more days!

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