Gotta Love San Diego Sunsets & Carne Asada Burritos Con Queso

Woo-hoo!  I had my last day at work today!  Freeeeeee for two whole weeks!  Tomorrow afternoon, Jay & I are headed to Long Island for wedding week.  At work, I do a lot of authorizing jobs to be done, things to be ordered, etc.  I took a picture of the last thing I signed this afternoon under the “Colleen McAllister.”  Crazy!

It’s been a crazy month at work; my co-worker David got married last Saturday, April 16, so he was out all last week on his honeymoon, I’m out this week & next week for my wedding & honeymoon, and another co-worker, Brian, has his last day this Friday because he’s going off to O&P school in Texas in two weeks!  Lots of goodbyes today, both good and sad.

Also today, Jay & I received an awesome surprise from our good friend Alice, who designed both of our blogs, the ChuckCast website, and kindly hosts this one.  Alice is from New Zealand and she us some sweet NZ swag as a wedding gift:

Thank you so much, Alice!  We were so touched that you thought of us and love the picture on the front of the card.  Luckily, we both shotgunned different keychains, so good thought.  Hopefully, Jay & I will get to meet you one day and thank you for everything you have done for us in person.

Weather update as of this evening:

So far so good on that front right now.

I don’t have a whole lot for today’s The Origin of Jay and Colleen, but here goes.

As promised, Jay took me on a date to a restaurant in La Jolla, California that was right on the water.  It was gorgeous and the food was great.  We went for a walk along the beach, talking, laughing, taking pictures, etc.  If you’ve ever seen Veronica Mars, there’s a cove with seals in it that’s pictured as a scenery shot often.  We went there!  Here’s a picture of us on our first date, July 27, 2007:

We were so cute and young back then!  After our date, we headed back to downtown San Diego aka the Gaslamp District to meet up with John, Jana, Ralph, Clif, and Ben for a little Mexican food.  This was also the night of the infamous “ONE!” margarita.  If you were a listener of MetroBuzz or the Dharmalars [Rest In Peace], then you know what “ONE!” means.  Long story short: Legend has it that Jay got completely shitfaced at Los Panchos (which btw if you’re reading this and going to Comic Con this year, please remind me that I would like to go back there this year!) after drinking only one margarita.  This is only partially true.  Yes, he was wasted after one marg BUT as we were walking to the restaurant, he, I, Clif & who knows who else had shared a water bottle filled with either vodka & sprite or rum & coke (honestly, I really cannot remember).  Ghetto? Maybe but I remember there being some reason we had for drinking it?  Ahh, I don’t remember.  Jay, Jana, Clif, Ralph, Ben, John – if you’re reading this and know what the reasoning was, leave it in the comments because I can’t remember.  [Editor’s Note: Comic Con partying used to be so different way back in the day.  I blame Media Junkyard for the switch from ghetto drinking in the streets partying to classy drinking in bars and on hotel rooftop partying.]

Jay sobered up fairly quickly after eating his Carne Asada Burrrrrriiiiitooo Con Queso.  It was one of the most fun nights of my life.  As I was looking through pictures from Spring & Summer 2007 that were saved on my hard drive, there was one folder titled, “Festival ’07 & Phil’s Bday 4.21.07.”  When I visited Marist to see my old friends on April 21, 2007, I NEVER would have guessed that I was just 8 days away from a meeting that would change my life.  I was only 8 days away from meeting the love of my life.  This just goes to show that you never know what’s around the corner in life and just how quickly one decision can change your life.

That said, I’ll sum the awesome night up in pictures.

And finally, a video from that evening of Ben trying to teach us proper eating etiquette:

Gotta love that laugh my man has <3

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