Storytime, Interrupted.

Jay and I are on Long Island for wedding week!  We got in around 2:15pm today, got to my parents’ house around 4pm, and got caught up on everything that’s been done around here.  My mom has done an outstanding job staying ahead of the game.  I know where I get my “take charge and get it done” attitude from!  I’m very lucky.

When we got to Long Island, we discovered that they had raised gas prices up just in honor of our wedding:

Thanks, but no thanks.  Feel free to bring gas prices back down to the $1 range!

Anyway, leaving this morning was difficult.  I got up at 6:30am, went to the gym, the bank, picked up some smoothies for me & Jay, came home & dropped off the rent check, did last minute cleaning, unpacked and repacked for an hour.  Jay’s sick and by all means, I should have had a physical breakdown a month ago with the amount of non-stop I’ve been 24/7 but I’m convinced that my post-workout smoothies have seriously aided me.  Only once have I felt like I hit a wall on all levels.  I decided Jay was drinking smoothies yesterday & today with immune boosters and protein in them to help his system fight off whatever he’s got.

Anyway, I usually am packed for a trip two weeks before I have to leave.  Heck, I even made Jay pack when he had a day off on Thursday.  This time, I just couldn’t seem to get it right and I was still trying to make a final decision when Jack came to pick us up at 11am.  Saying goodbye to Zoe was really what made this morning so difficult.  I realize it’s silly to cry when saying goodbye to your cat for two weeks as you’re going off to get married/go on your honeymoon, but I just felt so so so so so terrible leaving her alone & truthfully, I am going to miss her.  Thankfully, Clif is going to check in on her and make sure she has enough water as often as he can.

I don’t really have an Origin of Jay & Colleen post tonight.  I’m sorry, I still have so much to share and so little time to do it in, but I’m exhausted right now.  The last few nights, I have gone to bed at 1:30am and woken up early.  I do have a weather update though:

A little warmer but a little more clouds.  I’ll take anything that involves “warmer” temperatures lol, even clouds!

Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy but I promise to try to have at least one Jay & Colleen story in honor of wedding week, if not two!  Tomorrow morning, I have to meet with the florist, the bakery for the cake and get my final dress fitting (terrified for that).  I’m letting Jay sleep in and rest for the morning activities since he’s cranky & no fun when he’s sick and I want him to be healthy for the wedding and for Mexico!  In the afternoon, we have to go get our rings cleaned (we bought the wedding bands such a long time ago that we wanted to get them cleaned since we’ve taken them out a zillion times to show people over the past few months), get a bracelet sized & beg for it to be done same day, go to the bank again (I don’t feel comfortable traveling with a lot of cash so we need to get small bills to be able to tip the resort staff), and go to the reception hall to drop off the table cards, cake cutter, cake topper, pictures for a display, guest book, etc. all that fun stuff.  There’s some other stuff to do after dinner but my brain isn’t ready to process them yet lol.  But I promise that tomorrow I will continue the Jay & Colleen Saga!

On a more serious note, last night I learned that a fellow member of the Lost community and long time Jay & Jack, nuDia, etc. supporter has learned that she has incurable cancer that originated in her colon.  I knew Amy as @QueenAmy83 on Twitter and she is always such a pleasure to interact with.  The Internet is filled with so many snarky assholes; Amy is not one of them.  Amy is a kind, loved, young woman who has many family members and friends praying for her.  If you are the praying kind, please say a prayer for Amy Wright and her loved ones.  If you are not, please send good thoughts out to the universe to send Amy’s way.  Our mutual friend Anne, who knew Amy much better than I did, can give you more details here.

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