Legally CHG, yo

Jay & I got a pleasant surprise last night when we got home from Mexico to find that our official State of New York Marriage License had arrived already!  I brought it down to the Social Security Administration office this morning and changed my name officially!  Instead of “Colleen H. McAllister,” I am now legally “Colleen H. Glatfelter.”  I needed to take care of it today since I was off from work or else I never would have had a chance to do it.  I only get 30 minutes for lunch each day and we all know that it takes longer than 30 minutes to sit in any government office if you’re not there an hour before it opens haha.  Taking off from work today worked out so well; I was able to take care of some of that legal stuff and Jay & I spent a good portion of the day cleaning and reorganizing and throwing stuff out, something that probably wouldn’t have been taken care as thoroughly once we both started working again since we rarely have the same day off any more.  We’re still only halfway done but it was the tougher half we got through!

There’s still a ton of wedding pictures and stories and honeymoon pictures and stories to post that it’ll take me all week to get through it all!  If you’re friends with me on Facebook, then you’ve most likely seen the pictures that I put up on the album that I created with pictures taken using my camera.  I just went on a Facebook tear and looked at all the pictures that my family and friends have put up from the wedding, some of which are really awesome.  Since I know that a lot of times, you can’t see pictures on Facebook unless you’re friends or in the same network as the person whose album it is, I downloaded some of my favorite ones and uploaded them to my MobileMe account.  I’ve never used it before, so I have no idea if you can comment on the pictures or not, but if there’s anything in there that you want to hear a backstory about, let me know and I’ll get right on it!

Here are links to the albums I put together on Facebook.  They’re all public, so you don’t need an account to see them:  Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, All the “Posed” Pictures, Reception Part 1, and Reception Part 2.

I think tomorrow, I’ll put up video from the Best Men/Maids of Honor speeches if I can find them.

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