I Got Popspotted!

Last week, I was honored to be a guest on Popspotting with podcasting legends Ryan and Jen Ozawa.  Popspotting is a daily podcast that tackles an pop culture category each weekday: Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wild Card Wednesday, PopTalk & Trivia Thursday, and Feedback Friday.  I was featured on their Thursday podcast.  I gave three recommendations for things I’m into (you’ll have to listen to find out) and then bravely faced some trivia.  I had a FANTASTIC time talking with Ryan and Jen.  It was surreal to record with people I admire personally and professionally.  I hope that I lived up the standards and quality of their podcasts! You can subscribe to them on iTunes by searching for Popspotting.

Thanks for having me on, Ryan and Jen.  I hope someday you’ll have me on again!

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