SDCC ’11 – Tuesday

Alright!  So another San Diego Comic Con down.  I can’t believe it’s over already.  Oddly enough, on the morning of Friday July 22, Kolkie & I had an exchange that went something like this, “I can’t believe it’s only Friday!”  “I know, it feels like we’ve been here for a week!”

Yeah well, once Sunday rolled around, my thoughts were, “I can’t freaking believe it’s over already!”

I am going to do my best to recap all 6 days in an entertaining yet succinct manner, beginning with traveling/arriving/straight chilling on Tuesday, July 19.  This one will probably be the most boring of all of them because it’s the shortest but Tuesday is still a part of the story, so hang tight.

Jay and I left Raleigh on a 3:30pm flight on Tuesday, July 19.  We were pressing it – we figured there’d be no problem parking in the parking deck at the airport on a Tuesday afternoon, but it took us 5 floors to find a spot.  Regardless, we got there just as my boarding group on Southwest was about to move.  Absolutely nothing interesting here.  However, once we got to Denver, we were a wee bit delayed.  And by “a wee bit delayed” I mean “we sat on the plane for almost two hours watching a pretty freaking awesome lightning storm.”  I tried to get a cool picture, but alas, my timing was never right.  I must say that despite getting really antsy after sitting there for a while, at least it was an entertaining delay.

Nick's authentic Dharma suit.

Once we finally got to San Diego, we rolled up to the Manchester Grand Hyatt, checked into a nice room on the 14th floor and set about to see where everybody was.  We knew everyone was supposed to be on the same floor as us, but it was strangely quiet.  We got a text from Alirio that they were all out to dinner and not to go to his room because Christine and the kids were sleeping.  We figured that was why it was so unexpectedly quiet and we’d go meet up with everyone at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  We set out in that beautiful San Diego air, in that calm before the storm.  We met up with Alirio, Jana, Clif, Nick, Desiree, Moira, Sue, and company for a Ralph’s run for water and other necessities.

Back at the hotel, we discovered why it had been so quiet on our floor…not only were we on the wrong floor, but we were also in the wrong tower!  The Manchester Grand Hyatt has two separate towers and despite all the efforts of Kolkie and Jess to make sure each of us got put on the same floor, we had somehow slipped through the cracks.  Alirio spoke to the front desk and we moved on over to the Dharma Floor (which was floor 22; I wish it had been 23 #dork).

For the rest of Tuesday night, everyone just hung out in Moira’s room.  She made us all delicious cocktails and we all chilled as we caught up.  It was definitely an evening of calm before a very crazy Wednesday night, which you’ll have to stay tuned for…

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