Things That Make Me Happy: The Yankee Candle Accessory Edition

Now that it’s officially fall, we just bought our newest Yankee candle and an accessory for it.  I love candles and I love the accessories for them.  I got a few lovely apartment warming gifts when I first moved to Raleigh that were candles – one for the table, another set to hang on the wall.  I love them.

Anyway, this past summer, I decided to get a nifty jar holder for a Yankee candle I had on the kitchen table.  A few weeks later, I added on a (not so matching) top for it.

Last weekend, I bought a new, “fall-y” scent (Macintosh – it’s awesome) from Yankee candle and I got a jar shade to go with it.  They didn’t have the jar holder I wanted (the scarecrow one on the website) but I am quite pleased with how cool this one looks.

Totally stoked for whenever the winter ones are on sale!

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