Obligatory 11/1/11 Post

I just took nearly 3.5 hours to complete an incredibly difficult test and I can actually feel my brain swelling inside of skull and feel the pounding of my brain-pulse as my body tries to let go of some of the tension from thinking so much.  That said, I’m not sure this blog is going to make much sense but you know me and the fun number dates, so I had to challenge my brain-to-paper screen abilities for just a few minutes longer before I disappear into the land of Excedrin, Nyquil and Castle.

I cannot believe that it’s November 1 already.  I feel like just yesterday, I was doing an obligatory 1/11/11 post.  I particularly cannot believe that I only have one more month of classes left.  I do like them a lot, despite the challenging tests, haha.  All of my teachers are super awesome people and all have such unique ways of teaching that it makes going to class a different experience each day.  Okay, enough about school.  I don’t want to think anymore for tonight.

Happy 11/1/11, everybody.  Rabbit, rabbit!

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