So About that Penn State Cover-up

I just wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the Penn State sexual abuse scandal.  I’ve read people’s Tweets and Facebook comments, as well as news reports and editorials.   I’m going to keep this brief, because if you’re an intelligent adult with an actual brain then you probably already agree with the firing of (almost) everyone who should have been fired.  But if you’re still on the fence or you need convincing, then you absolutely must read the Grand Jury report of the testimonies of many of the people involved, including victims and witnesses.  It’s 23 pages, but it’s so telling.

Here’s the full link to it:

To the rioting idiots and the rest of you out there who do not agree with the firing of Coach Joe Paterno over the Jerry Sandusky cover-up (and yes, I mean cover-up), you should read that.  It will give you a timeline of events and a description of actions of a very sick individual and the people around him who were first informed of a “problem” as early as 1995. The shower sodomy incident that this coward Mike McCreary witnessed and didn’t even have the balls to stop or call the police about happened in 2002. [Editor’s note: Apparently being an assistant football coach does not make you a man. Why is that guy still working there?]  Allegations were made in 1998 and Paterno himself was the one who told Sandusky he would not be made head coach.  Paterno’s firing goes beyond him only telling athletic director Mike Curley and then doing nothing else.  This was, unfortunately, a cover-up.  Do you mean to tell me that someone who is referred to as one of the “most powerful men in Pennsylvania” didn’t even catch wind of whispers around the program?

So, rioting idiots of Penn State and all those empathetic JoePa fans out there, do yourselves a favor and read that Grand Jury report.  Then, read this article.  After that, tell me again why you’re outraged.  I am so sorry that you have to lose an idol; that really sucks when someone doesn’t end up being who you thought they were, but welcome to the real world.  People make bad choices and there are consequences.  At least you’re learning about how crappy the real world can be at age 18-22.  Those young boys were forced to learn that lesson at 11-years-old.

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