SOPA Blackout Day is here

Many big websites, including Reddit, Wikipedia, Craigslist, WordPress, Twitpic, and the Cheezeburger Network, have gone black for certain periods today to protest SOPA and PIPA, two bills that are currently in the U.S. Congress and aimed to fight Internet piracy. If you don’t know anything about SOPA, this article explains it pretty well.  You’ll also want to check out what some of the sites have linked to on their own blacked out pages, explaining why they’re opposing SOPA and PIPA.  Google‘s, Craigslist‘s, and Twitpic’s are basically cover it all.

If this bill passes, it could mean the end of Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.  But don’t let me scare you.  Just read the information for yourself and make an informed decision on whether or not you support SOPA and PIPA.  But just keep in mind that even my lowly little blog with at most 15 readers total would be in danger of automatic, no-questions-asked shut down.

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