Boring Tuesday Night

Big sigh.  Jay’s playing Magic the Gathering tonight, so I’m bored.  I’m in one of those bored moods where I can’t concentrate on one thing.  I tried watching the State of the Union address but couldn’t focus.  Then I watched this week’s Castle and House of Lies, but my mind kept straying because I was trying to play Words with Friends at the same time.  I think I’m just going to read and go to bed soon.  I figured I’d at least throw some random thoughts down on here.  Oh, the quality of this blog has taken a dive.  Lo siento.

I recorded a Media Junkyard last night, so I’ll be appearing on all 4 shows airing this week.  We had a lot of fun.  Woo-hoo!  Check it out if you’re so inclined on iTunes.  We talk about mature things, I promise.

Man, Delta will seriously do anything to have an excuse for interrupted service! hehehe

I’ve actually been very sad the past few days over the news out of Poughkeepsie on Saturday.  An off-campus house fired killed two students and one former student.  I know that house, I used to live right around the corner from it and passed it every day on my run.  The whole thing is just so terrible, so terrible.  It makes me want to cry thinking about and I have this pit in my stomach.  I can’t even imagine.  I’m a Red Fox forever.

Well, this post is depressing so I’ll leave it with a picture I just took of Zoe who is straight chillin’ with me right now.  Happy thoughts.  My darling friend Crissy and her awesome husband Charlie welcomed baby Victoria Rose on Saturday!  I was there when they had crushes on each other, before they even went on their first date.  Oh happy Marist memories.  I’m so so so so excited for them.  Times like this, I wish I lived in NY still so I could see all of my friends becoming parents instead of stalking them on Facebook, haha.

Anyways, I’ll have to make happier post tomorrow!  Onto that book!

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