As promised…

I said my next post would be happier.  Jay’s out doing some Magic the Gathering crap yet again (woo-hoo exciting Friday!) BUT I’m not going to whine again.  I had a few things to share, each completely random and not related whatsoever.

First, this really cool (I think) picture of a glacier that looks like a dragon.  [Source]

Grab your tissues for the next one.  It’s a story about a couple who were married for 73 YEARS who died merely hours apart.  I got a bit misty eyed myself reading this story.  I wish this for all of my loved ones who have significant others.  Just incredible how love and life works sometimes.  This quote is what got me: “For a couple to be together for 73 years and still love each other as much today as they did on the day they met, it’s just amazing,” said Shannon Bass, Director of Admissions at Meadowview Health and Rehab Center.  I immediately started thinking about “The Notebook” which makes me freaking sob from the depth of me to even think about let alone watch.  Then, I started being a dork and thinking about the Sideways in Lost and it being the place they all created so they could find each other someday to “move on” to what was next and I’m a giant nerd and plus I’m really exhausted so yeah.  MOVING ON.

We move onto the last thing, which is a commercial for some sort of vibrator (I think?) that Jay and I saw like 3 times the other night on TV between the hours of 9-11pm.  It’s not even the product so much as the quality and the stellar superb acting.  No, seriously.  These people make Kim Kardashian look like she needs a Razzie for her acting.  They’re that freaking great.  I know I posted this on the Media Junkyard & NonsenseCast Facebook groups, but I figured I’d throw it in here for 1) posterity and 2) a laugh after that last story.  Up, up and away!

Okay, I’m outie. I got inspired for an idea for a novel that I’ll now write down all my ideas for but probably never write. Then I’m going to bed with Zoe. Yes, you heard me right. My cat is my snuggle buddy while my husband plays Magic the Gathering. #YES. (#no.)

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