Ash Wednesday Chatter

Well, this is weird. I’m having some admin issues in WordPress haven’t been able to log in to post a new blog. I’m in some super weird version of the dashboard now and I’m not even sure that it will post. We’ll find out, I suppose.

So I was going to post about my birthday and Valentines’ Day with some pictures, but I don’t think I even have that option right now and I don’t have my iPad with me at work, so I can’t even make a post with pictures through that. Stay tuned, I suppose!

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent for Catholics. You’re supposed to either give something up or do something extra during this time period in order to represent the sacrifice that Jesus made when he was fasting in the desert for 40 days. Jay’s giving up candy, beer, and french fries and has resolved to go for a walk with me once a week and to go to mass every week. I think I will definitely try to go to mass once a week with Jay, but I’m not really decided yet on what else to do. I know that one thing is enough and I may very well just end up doing that, haha. I’ve actually decided that I am going to give up the 5lbs I’ve gained since I started school in August, but I’m not sure that’s going to go quite as magically as I wish it would, lol. I think instead, I will either set a goal for myself to do something like work on a writing project finally or else just give up beer with Jay. We’ll see.

Okay, hopefully I can have a post with more substance by tomorrow or Friday!

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