February Photo-a-Day!

So I’m about 19 days behind, but here is my own little gallery of my pictures for February’s Photo-a-Day.  I gotta say that it feels like forever ago I took some of these, haha.  I may as well start working on the post for my March photos while I’m at it!  I actually uploaded and started this post on the day that all the malware attacked the site and I published my post for Jan. Photo-a-Day on the morning that my computer crashed, so I better make sure that I have everything backed up before I work on the March post!

Anyway, here’s how I interpreted the picture list for February.  If you hold your mouse over each thumbnail, it will give you the theme of the day and the original comment I made with each photo.

Day 1: Your View Today  Day 2: Words. Build Your Own  Day 3: Hands. Part 1

Day 3: Hands. Part 2  Day 4: A Stranger. A stranger in sync with other strangers in pilates. Felt SO creepy trying to take a pic.  Day 5: 10am. "Just a few more minutes, mom."

Day 6: Dinner. Dinner on the go (I had class that night).  Day 7: Button Day 8: Sun. Here comes the sun at 8:25am.

Day 9: Front Door. The front door to the gym at 6am.  Day 10: Self Portrait. Me today! Day 11: Makes You Happy. My wonderful family who I miss a lot, my awesome husband, snuggle time with kitty, & my amazing friends.

Day 12: Inside Your Closet. Coats & our Yankee candle stash.  Day 13: Blue. THE GD PEN IS BLUE! Day 14: Heart. My heart is taken :)

Day 15: Phone  Day 16: Something New. My birthday gift from Jay. Day 17: Time.  Time according to Zoe: Food time, "You're leaving me to go to work?" time, nap time, play time, & bed time.

Day 18: Drink. LI brews from Dad.  Day 19: Something You Hate to Do. Didn't know what to do, then I saw this sign outside church. Thanks for the tip, God haha Day 20: Handwriting. Part 1

Day 20: Handwriting. Part 2. Got the whiny out of my system.  Day 21: A Fave Photo of You. September 5, 2009.  Day 22: Where You Work. This was a boring one.

Day 23: Shoes. My trusty shoes get a break during pilates this morning. Went the complete opposite way as last month's shoe pic.  Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet. We don't have a bathroom cabinet so everything is on the counter.  Day 25: Green. One of my favroite songs: "Green" by Brendan James.

Day 26: Night. Lost Finale party: A Night to Remember.  Day 27: Something You Ate. Gotta have my fiber.Day 28: Money. I used to collect old coins with my dad. Old American coins look so much classier.

Day 29: SomethingYoureListeningTo. Yes I'm a dork but it's what I listened to on a morning walk.

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