March Photo-a-Day Roundup

Here are my humble submissions for March’s Photo-a-day Challenge.  Click to enlarge.  Hover over the thumbnail to see the text that accompanied it on  If you want to play along for April, here’s a link to the list.  I added a ton of camera filter programs to my rotation this month, including Camera Awesome, King Camera, Snapseed, PicCollage, PhotoToaster, and a few more.  I will say that out of all the apps on my iPhone, Camera+ is still my favorite one.  Anyway, here are my pictures from last month.  Find me on at Colleen84 if you’re a on it (I heard it’s now available for Android users).  Enjoy!

Day 1: Up  Day 2: Fruit. My favorite fruit.  Day 3: Your Neighborhood

Day 4: Bedside. My super awesome new shoes & a bored kitty.  Day 5: Smile. My favorite smile from 2011.  Day 6: 5pm. Shhh. Snuck out just before 5pm to get some extra snuggle time before pilates.

Day 7: Something You Wore. New shoes in action.Day 8: Window. A not so great day goes out the window!  Day 9: Red

Day 10: Loud. My family dinners = loud.  Day 11: Someone You Talked To Today: Happy 81st Birthday to the World's Best Grandpa!  Day 12: Fork

Day 13: Sign  Day 14: Clouds.  Clouds on this gorgeous spring day.  Day 15: Car. View from behind my car.

Day 16: Sunglasses. $16 from Target. 3 years old. I need to get nicer glasses.  Day 17: Green. From my walk yesterday.  Day 18: A Corner of Your Home. Our bookshelf of things that make us happy.

Day 19: Funny. Zoe thinks she's a pole dancer.  Day 20: Before/After. Lunch.  Day 21: Delicious. Delicious items from our honeymoon.

Day 22: Kitchen Sink.  Day 23: Moon. No moon tonight.  Day 24: Animal. Zoe, the sad pole dancing kitty.

Day 25: Breakfast. Remnants of breakfast.  Day 25: Key. I'm not entirely sure what this is a key to, but it's on my keychain.  Day 27: Your Name. Had this since my 11th birthday in 1995.

Day 28: Trash. Trash on the sidewalk.  Day 29: Feet. Tired feet.  Day 30: Toy. Someone left this toy on the floor in our waiting room.

Day 31: Where You Relax. When I go for a walk, it's my way of relaxing.

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