Of School Being Out Forever & Of Anniversary Gifts

As of an hour ago, I am officially ALL DONE WITH SCHOOL!  Just finished my take home test for my Tuesday night class.  I have already gotten my grade for my Business Organizations concentration (my Monday/Thursday class) and found out how I did on three out of our four “short courses” (4 electives, so to speak, each that lasted 4 weeks and was every Tuesday).  Graduation is next Wednesday, May 9, and then I will have a paralegal degree from Meredith College.  If I choose to get certified, I’ll have to take the state test in October.  It makes more sense for me to get a national certification, but I don’t know exactly when that test is and I’m sure it’s 100 times harder (that’s what she said) more difficult than the North Carolina state test.  Anyways, that’s neither here nor there right now.  Let me quickly go over some anniversary gift stuff!

You may have seen it on Jay’s Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feed if, but I got Jay a 1968 Disneyland map and some old park tickets from the mid-1970s.  I knew that he was expecting me to go the photobook route, so I deliberately thought outside the box while trying to stay within the “paper” theme of the first anniversary.

I don’t have a picture of the tickets handy but I got both of them after searching and researching on eBay.  I did add a picture themed gift – from CanvasPop, I ordered a 20×20 canvas print of Jay’s favorite picture from my Instagram feed.  I received a Google Offer from the company and just had to do it.  It arrived just a little bit post-anniversary – on Tuesday – but I’m super thrilled with it.  I’m not kidding.  I absolutely adore how it turned out.  I just wish that the service wasn’t so expensive.  Here’s a picture of the picture, resting against Zoe’s “treehouse”.

For those of you wondering what Jay got me – he had the same idea as I did and got me a canvas print of one of our wedding pictures (not from Instagram).  Unfortunately, it was on backorder from the company that he ordered it from and won’t be here until the end of May, but that’s okay 🙂 It’ll be like anniversary part 2 when it gets here.  Anyway, I can testify to CanvasPop.  I’m really happy with how that came out.  The only problem is finding the space for all of our new pictures and photo-collage frames!

Okay, I am so mentally drained right now from taking that stupid take home test!  It took 3 hours and 12 minutes to do and I actually did it without any distractions.  I signed off Twitter & Facebook and put my phone on mute & turned it over so I wouldn’t see any texts or calls.  I even almost forgot about doing the Photo-a-day for today because of it.  Now, that’s hardcore.

I also didn’t sleep well at all last night thanks to some aforementioned issues going on back with the family at home on LI.  Isn’t it weird how we an seemingly compartmentalize things in order to make it through the day but once the lights are off, not even the loud noise from the A.C. can provide distraction from finally processing what’s going on?

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