The One Where I Graduate

Soooo it’s been a really eventful last few weeks. I’ve been working on a huge round-up post, but I figured I’d just do the graduation one separate since it’s quick & easy (TWSS). Back in August 2011 (8/15 to be exact; you can guess why I remember the day), I started taking classes at Meredith College in order to get a paralegal degree. 5lbs and many, many, many, many flashcards later, I’ve graduated! Thank you to Jay, Cyndi, Jack, Heather, & Kayla for coming and treating me to hibachi at Kankii afterwards. In the scheme of what has been going on lately with my family, graduation was such a small thing that I considered it no big deal, but I was really touched that they came to support me. I have no idea what I’m going to do now with my new degree except look for a job and hope someone finds me hireable lol. I know that I am fortunate to be in a good job with great co-workers for now, though.

Also BIG THANKS to my good friends Amanda, Julia, & Ali for sending me the GORGEOUS flowers [that are up to the right in this post] for graduation. So unnecessary, but it meant so much.  I have some really fantastic friends.  I miss them. 🙁

Anyway, Jay recorded me receiving my diploma since my family couldn’t make it down here from LI due to extenuating circumstances.  Enjoy!

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