May Photo-a-day Round-up

I can’t believe it’s 10 days into June already.  I wasn’t able to post this sooner due to technical difficulties, but here are my submissions for the #PhotoadayMAY challenge.  I sometimes think that the months are flying by because of these daily pictures.  Here’s the #PhotoadayJUNE list for anyone out there that hasn’t already seen it and may want to play along.  Thanks as always to @FatMumSlim for creating this.  Hover above the thumbnail for text; click to enlarge.

Day 1: Peace.  Day 2: Skyline. Jay looking out at the skyline in Riviera Maya during our honeymoon. Taking exactly one year ago as this Instagram.  Day 3: Something You Wore Today. An old dress and old sandals.

Day 4: Fun! Kayaking!  Day 5: Bird. Woodstock!  Day 6: You. Me on a 7am flight to LGA (NY).

Day 7: Someone That Inspires You. My grandma is one strong lady.  Day 8: A Smell You Adore. I dare you to find a smell better than garlic bread!  Day 9: Something You Do Every Day. Wake up and pet Zoe with my foot.

Day 10: A Favorite Word. I am, I can.  Day 11: Kitchen. The excitement that is our refrigerator.  Woot.  Day 12: Something That Makes You Happy. Sunny days by the pool when the world stops for one hour.

Day 13: Mum. My godmother, grandma, & mom.   Day 14: Grass. Grass as a bird sees it (from our flight to Orlando).  Day 15. Love.  I love Kelly's photobomb in this picture with Jay.

Day 16: What You're Reading. The new Rick Riordan book & a map of Hollywood Disney.  Day 17: Snack. Lunch & a healthy snack.  Day 18: Something You Wore.  A brave smile &nerve wracking journey (I'm scared of heights).

Day 19: A Favorite Place. No matter where I go & all the cool places I visit, nothing beats Grandma's dinner table with the fam.  Day 20: Something You Can't Live Without.  Taking gratuitous pictures of Zoe.  Day 21: Where You Stand. Yup.

Day 22: Pink. One more Disney picture.  Day 23: Technology. This piece of technology is the reason I know 80% of you :)  Day 24: Something New. Sports watch.

Day 25: Unusual.  Day 26: 12 o'clock. Was driving past the Roosevelt Island tram.  Day 27: Something Sweet. Treats in the bakery near the hospital where we had breakfast this morning.

Day 28: Weather today.  Hot & sunny in New York City.  Day 29: Number. My lucky number is on my license plate.  Day 30: Your Personality. Sometimes I have trouble seeing through the storm, but I always come around in time for the rainbow.

Day 31: Something Beautiful. This smile is the most beautiful thing I've seen in the month of May.

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