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HUGE APOLOGY that it’s taken me a week longer to get this post up than I wanted to.  Back in April, I had shared an idea I had for a book focusing on how the current climate of the Internet (social media, etc.) has changed our lives drastically than what they would have been without it.  I would love to get responses from as many people as possible.  Does not need to be long; just honest.  No catfish allowed!  I don’t think I can do a better job describing it than I did in my original post, so please also refer back to there.  That said, here is what I am looking for:

The purpose of the book is the paint a picture of how our lives would be so different right now if we didn’t have the Internet/technology/etc.  Like how I wouldn’t know Jay right now if not for podcasting (I tell my story here).  Stuff like that.  I don’t want to be tied into specific examples because I want everyone’s story to be their own, unique experience told through their own voice/perspective.  It’s not going to be a rip-off of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” format; I’m going to be following up with everyone and quoting/retelling what they tell me as I tie it all together.  This is why I’m asking for help from whoever is willing to share their tales.  The story I want to tell is there, but the sources are what will shape it.

Email me at if you have any questions.  I also added section to the top of the page to add info as I get asked questions or proceed further.  Thanks so much.  I’m really excited!

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