July’s Photo-a-day Wrap-Up

Another month gone by.  Unlike every other month this year, July seemed to move incredibly slow and felt quite tumultuous, to be honest.  We went to San Diego Comic Con, but the weeks before and after it were very stagnant for me.  I didn’t really do much of anything on the days I was home.  You’d think that being in San Diego then going to New York for the funeral would’ve made the month feel short, but it feels like those happened forever ago.  Last week at this time, I was sitting in a funeral home, but it feels like that was months ago.  It’s ridiculous to think that one month ago, I still had one more week left working at my old job.  I’ve even been back to visit them twice and it still feels like that was ages and ages ago.  Maybe time’s just going by slowly because this has been the longest two weeks ever for me with Jay out of town (and I still have 3 more days to go, meh).

Anyway, enough of the emo.  I missed a few days this month because some I thought were stupid (like ‘Finger’ which I didn’t feel like doing from SDCC) or inappropriate given where I was that day (‘Stranger’ was the topic on the day of the wake).  Whatever.  ANYWAYS here’s what I did for July’s Photo-a-day challenge.  Click to enlarge or hover over the picture to see the text that accompanied each one.  Despite needing a break on some days, some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken for Instagr.am were taken this month.

Day 1: Self-Portrait.  Me today.  Day 2: Busy. Busy road. This picture is meh but the filter is called "Toxic" which reminds me of the Britney song which I love so that's how I got to this post.  Boo yah.  Day 3: Best Part of Your Day.  Hanging with Zoe (& Jay, of course :) <3 )

Day 4: Fun. Not from today (sorry) but fun times nonetheless.  Day 5: On the Floor!  Day 6: Chair.  This is the chair at my desk at work.  Today is probably the last day I will ever sit in it.

Day 7: Garden. Hydrangeas from my mom's garden.  Day 8: Lunch.  Day 9: Big.  Big CoronaRitas!

Day 10: Favorite Color. My iPod & headphones match.  Day 11: Letter.  "C" is for...  Day 13: Open. All these people waiting in line for Ballroom 20 & Hall H to open on Fri 7/13. Note ALL the places the line is.

Day 14: Building. Manchester Grand Hyatt, our home for the past 2 Comic-Cons.  Day 16: Sign. Flowers from my new boss. A sign of good things to come!  Day 17: Addiction. Dork.

Day 18: Plate  Day 19: Pet. Zoe's Airport Adventure (she came with me to pick up Jay on Tues).  Day 20: Eye. Sadness this morning (Dark Knight Rises shooting news).


Day 21: 9 o'clock. It's 9 o'clock somewhere. (Dinner & drinks post The Dark Knight Rises).  Day 22: Upside Down. Zoe's world was turned upside down when she spent 2 hours waiting at the vet for a UTI.  Day 23: Mirror. Looking through my rear view mirror at the storm that just passed.

Day 25: Heart. And back again.  Day 26: Sunshine. Sunshine on the Greenway trail around the lake my new office overlooks.  Day 27: On the Road. Walking back from the gym.

Day 28: Cup. Martini in La Jolla. Cup, glass, whatever.  Day 29: Last Thing You Bought. A bottle of water.  Day 30: Calm. Calm morning sun outside my office window at work this morning.

Day 31: Toothbrush.






Here is the list for August’s Photo-a-day challenge if you’re interested in playing along this month.

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